Interior designer looking for nice vintage accent pieces for your home.

The shop came as an idea when I moved to Canada and I started thrifting things for myself. As an event and photo stylist and an Interior Design student, I started integrating some wonderful pieces to my work.

As time passed by, I started designing and making some cushions and blankets that I made from reusing thrifted fabrics. Then, I started to integrate other fabrics, as the ones I brought back from a trip to Guatemala.

I'm a traveler (and almost sociologist) and I've always been moved by arts and handicrafts, so I decided to bring in a few pieces from Venezuela, Guatemala, Vietnam and Myanmar. I also collect vintage pieces in those travels. 

I also work as an freelance interior designer and stylist. The shop is also a prop library, we rent our goodies ! So, if you're interested, contact me.

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